About EazybreezyArt

Who Is Eazybreezyart


    I am Iffat "Eazybreezyart" Pugh a self-taught freelance Artist/Surface Pattern Designer from Philadelphia,PA. 

I have experience in storyboarding, character design,cover art concepts, logos and portraits working with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal pastels and watercolor mediums.

What Art Means To Me

  Art is not only a talent It is a tool that can be used for communication, therapy and freedom of expression. Not only can it inspire you but it can expand your mind and how you see the world around you. Art also be used for communication when words cannot explain how you feel or what you feel in the moment. Art is good for the mind and the spirit, Art is a skill that we can all benefit from.

My Background

     Like most kids growing up I started off doodling on just about any and everything I could get my hands on. My biggest inspiration came from my older sister who is also an artist. By watching my sister, cartoons and playing video games I began to develop my own style of drawing while also expanding my imagination.

     I was briefly enrolled in the Art Instruction School while in junior high but due to financial hardship I stopped after a few months. However, this did not stop me from achieving my goals. I continued to self-study and work on various art projects for my school and was highly encouraged by my teachers to enter local art competitions. After winning many art competitions I became will known in my community as a young aspiring artist. I was recognized by the Art Museum of Philadelphia and was given an honor award and a year membership.

     Once I reached high school I enrolled in weekend art classes at  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and later on The Moore College of Arts and Design. After graduating high school, I worked as an artist for my father's Neo Musiq and Photography production. I continued to work for my father for a few more years before i began to do freelance artwork in the Philadelphia region. In 2015 my artwork was featured in Marcelles TMH Art Co. "Inspired Souls, Encouraged Minds Art Show." I am set to exhibit at RAW Art Show (01/17) and Fused Underground Art (02/02).