About Us



    I am Iffat "Eazybreezyart" Pugh a  freelance Artist/Surface Pattern Designer from Philadelphia,PA. I have experience in story-boarding, character design,cover art concepts, logos and portraits working with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal pastels and watercolor mediums.


   I was born in New York City and raised in West Philly, PA. I briefly attended the Art Instructions School and took weekend classes at Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts and The Moore College OF Arts.

At a tender age I wanted to draw like my sister who use to do portraits so I attempted to draw any artwork she made. I also watched cartoons and video games to help me get better at drawing faces, expressions and body movements. Eventually I branched out into my own style which was heavily influenced by cartoons.

    My artwork displays wit, character and bold expressions. Thanks to heavy influence of animation and cartoons my drawings ranges from realistic to a humorous editorial art. The usage of earth and metallic colors with Ghanaian adrinkra symbols adds a natural and inspirational effect to the artwork and gives more personality to the Art.


    Art is not only a talent, It is a tool that can be used for communication, therapy and freedom of expression. Not only can it inspire you but it can expand your mind and how you see the world around you.